The Steadicam Guild is proud to announce our
selection for the Steadicam Guild Life
Achievement award for 2011; Steadicam Guild
member and founder, Dan Kneece.

"Dan Kneece started filming motion pictures at
age 13 when his mother bought him a Super 8
camera. In 1979, while finishing his Master's in
Media Arts at the University of South Carolina,
Dan began his professional career shooting
news at WIS-TV in Columbia, South Carolina.

Soon thereafter he was taught Steadicam by
inventor Garrett Brown which lead to a 28 year
career as a Steadicam Operator and an ongoing
professional relationship with Director David
Lynch on films such as Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart
and Mulholland Drive.

Dan's skills evolved into expertise as an "A"
Camera Operator on major film, television,
commercial and music video productions such
as Jackie Brown and Phone Booth. He worked
with the best in the business and learned from
them all. Dan now uses his knowledge, extensive
film making experience and incredible eye to
excel in his work as Director of Photography.

Dan Founded, with David Allen Grove, the
Steadicam Guild in September 2002.  He was
named 1st Vice President of the S.O.C. (Society
of Camera Operators) in  2005 and in 2007 was
named President of the SOC.

    I would like to give Special thanks to all who volunteered their time
    and effort for the first Steadicam Guild Life Achievement Award
    presentation.-  David Allen Grove, SG, SOC

                                            Thank you!

    Will Demmeritt
    David Frederick, SOC
    Paul Gardner,SOC
    Michael Brian Hart
    Christophe' Ivins, SOC
    Jessica Lopez
    Robert Primes, ASC