The history behind the award:

The first life achievement award was presented to, Dan Kneece on January 16, 2011,
across the street from Warner Brothers Studios, at the Smoke House restaurant in
Burbank California.

Several of Dan's colleges gave speeches, a video tribute and Dan's Steadicam demo reel
were shown.

The ceremony was streamed live via a laptop web cam so that Steadicam Guild members
from around the world could watch the event. The award portion of the celebration
was a surprise to Dan.  Only a handful of people knew that an award would be presented.

The Award

The idea for the award came about during the June 2010 Stabilizer Gear expo. At the expo, Dan
Kneece mentioned to Steadicam Guild co founder, David Grove, that after 28 years, he would be
hanging up his rig and moving upward and onward to Director of Photography.

Surprised at the news and at that moment, David thought that it might be nice to recognize
Dan's accomplishments  by presenting him with a Life Achievement Award through the
Steadicam Guild.

In July, the search for an award commenced.

The original idea for a Steadicam Guild Life Achievement Award was in the form of a molded
sculpture of a Steadicam Operator. After visiting several award shops it was discovered it would
cost several thousand of dollars to create a one off award sculpture.

In August 2011, Guild member Jessica Lopez contacted David and suggested that the Steadicam
Guild have throw a party/roast and give Dan a homemade award.

The final design was created by David Grove and commissioned by Hartt Trophy at the end of
December 2011.
Dan Kneece holding the first
Steadicam Guild Life Achievement Award
The base on the 2012 Award was changed to this
round base with a gold label plate.