Question:  If I join the Steadicam Guild can I work on union shows?

    Answer:  The Steadicam Guild is not a union.  Members of the Steadicam Guild can work on any production they want but if they are hired
          to work on a show that is union, they must be a member of the IATSE  Local 600 Cinematographers Guild (in the U.S) for more  
          info please contact the 600.

    Question:  On submitting application materials: "Do you have a physical address where I can mail in my application
                            materials? I do not have the ability to convert the application materials from hard copy to electronic to email to the guild.

    Answer:       No.  We no longer accept hard copies via Mail because it's more efficient to receive and archive the material via email.

    Tip: If you do not have access to a scanner, a few applicants have taken photos of the Application, Resume and proof of workshop
    attendance from their Cell Phone. Please put the photos in a zip file (you can download the photos to your computer to put them in a
    zip file and then attach the zip file to your email to us.)

    Please email Application materials to: