Please Email completed application, w/resume and
proof of workshop attendance to
Join the Steadicam Guild
Application Process
One time Initiation fee

(Must meet requirements to join)
    Benefits of Steadicam Guild Membership:

  •       Access to Meetings, Gatherings, Screenings and practice sessions with seasoned veterans and networking opportunities.

  •      Your name with a link to your website or IMDB listing on the Steadicam Guild website roster.

  •      Receive job alerts and special announcements via email.  

  •      You'll be on the same roster with the best Steadicam operators in the business.
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-Download the Application, print it, fill it out completely.

-Send via email your:

 - Camera/Steadicam Resume (you must be a professional Camera operator to join)
 - Completed SG Application form.
 - Proof of Steadicam Workshop Attendance. Certificate from a recognized workshop or have your instructor email the
    Steadicam Guild to confirm your workshop attendance.  

-Wait for membership confirmation from us.

If approved for membership and to complete the membership process you will be instructed to pay the $200 initiation fee online.
      We will send for payment.